My dear fellow citizens. We are on the threshold of a new millennium and need to make some major changes in the way we manage our society. It's time to live in a world that allows everyone to live to their full potential. To do this we should make a change from a system of Money and Law, to a system of Wisdom and Education. Our Presidents have become "managers" for a system of government that favors the rich, and leads us down the road of greed and capitalism. I offer you my plan to start some new energy in motion to change the way we live on this planet, and to make the resources of our world available to everyone and free ourselves from economic oppression and ignorance.    ...Randolph Winters

The Winters Plan, A New Vision for America
From author, Randolph Winters comes a new book with fresh new ideas on what needs to be done to repair our government.

A Quick Overview of The Winters Plan ideas
My 10 year plan to create a new future for America and set a new example for the world to follow. It's the end of old world capitalism and greed.

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The Winters Plan by Randolph Winters.

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