(Taken directly from The Winters Plan)

Here is a quick rundown of My ten-year Plan for the Rebuilding of America. The overall plan is as followsĒ:

  First, the new money system. I will close the Federal Reserve and open our new United States Bank. It will be our countryís new central bank, creating debt-free money and is responsible to Congress. The bank makes no profit and creates no debt. Along with this will be the issuance of a new ďdollarĒ in honor of the millennium. It will replace our current cash. A new money system will cut us loose from the world financiers who currently control our economy. This will put us on the road to financial freedom.

   Itís time for a new system of controlling our spending, I call it Domestic Product Economics. Congress will create a budget based on spending caps tied to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

   Next I will incorporate a new form of Contribution Economics to begin rewarding people for their contributions to society without using money. This will be the beginning of changing the thinking that money is everything.

   It's time to see the end of personal income tax. It will not be needed in our new economics as there will be no debt to pay.



  Congress will undergo some badly needed changes so it is more effective and works for the people. This is accomplished by expanding the committees of the House of Representatives and building a new facility allowing them to work more efficiently.

   The end of political parties. Our next elections will be through open primaries and a new system of campaigning paid for by the newly formed U.S. Bank. This will open the doorway to a better caliber of congressional representatives by encouraging the best among us to run for office and bring in a new era of government through Wisdom.

World Trade

Is it FREE?

   We need a change in our trade rules to protect our companies and our workers. We must remain self-sufficient in the areas of food, clothing, health supplies, energy and technology. Controls must be maintained over what kind of products are imported, and the balance of trade dollars must be monitored so itís fair for everyone.


   Itís time for some major changes in our role in NATO and our foreign policy where more effort is made to stop those causing the wars and crimes against humanity, and less bombing. Communist China needs to be stopped, and Tibet needs to be freed.




   Dramatic changes for the business and investment community. Corporations will be limited to public utilities. Itís time to create a new model for companies allowing investors a return on their investment - somewhat like a stock, but with a fixed return like a bond. This will shift the emphasis back to products, employees, and a fair profit. It will also stop the ability of the rich to control the world via trade and allow normal business to grow once again.

    The stock market will shut down in order to make investing safer. A new system of Business Bonds will replace stocks, allowing employees to be part of their own companies. This will take the gamble out of investing and allow all of us to participate with little or no risk.

    We are going to build a new industrial base of small businesses that will bring the world to our doorstep. Itís time for the ingenuity of the American inventor to lead the world in new ideas making the environment safer and cleaner.









    The New Education system will boast the best schools ever built. Its time to change the focus of our lives on the development of the individual. This will get us started on improving the quality of life in our society.

    Health care will be reformed, with people more in charge of their care and doctors seen as partners or managers. A national chain of hospitals will be built providing low cost access to all citizens. The FDA will expand to become more of an information center through a new HealthNet computer system making all forms of health treatments available to everyone.

     I will begin the rebuilding of our cities so they are environments producing emotionally stable and happy people. We will see the end of ghettos, poverty, and over populated zoning.

    There will be new social reforms for prisons and care of the elderly, the sick, and the homeless.

    The End of Violence in media. Time to clean up the public entertainment community.


    We will support a new, more natural approach to spirituality that unites the different cultures of the world. We will teach the young how to love and respect one another through new classes in our education system.


Planes and


    We have to clean up the environment. I will replace oil, nuclear power plants, gasoline engines, and chemical waste with new clean products. Efforts will start to eliminate smog, dirty water, and to clean up our rivers and the ocean.

    Iím going to build a new high-speed mag-lev train system to enable people to cross the country in eight hours. It will cover the entire country and diminish the role of the car in our society.

Invite the neighbors

    And once we have accomplished these new ideas, we will invite Canada and Mexico to join with us and bring the Americas together under our new vision. This will start the uniting of all countries under the right principles.

Bill of Rights for everyone.

   And finally, a new Constitution for the People of Earth based on these ideas so everyone has a chance at a better life in the new millennium.


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