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Not long ago I attended the Shadow Convention in Los Angeles. A small rally of people who care about the problems of our country. It was being held just down the street from the larger democratic convention that caught all the media. Besides the great speakers and wonderful camaraderie that was present, I remember a banner on the wall that said, "We vote every 4 years, money votes every day."

How true. Our congress is  controlled by money from special interests, large corporations and lobbyists representing anyone who wants to grab the attention of our legislators. The power of the lobbyists has been the single greatest deterrent to democracy in our country, and has been the pipeline for capitalist corporations to influence our leaders. Once elected, our officials seem to forget every word said during the campaign. A fog of greed and dollar signs overcomes them and political promises drift off into the wind.

If we go to public financed elections and make lobbying illegal we can take the money out of politics. This should see people going to Washington for the right reasons, and legislation will than be made for people instead of money.

Public Rejection of Laws

Itís about time the citizens of America have some say in the way their country is run. The public should be involved in certain areas of legislation. For instance, any changes in the Constitution should have to be ratified by the public in some form. The public needs to be involved in important changes in our society.

How many times have you heard of some ridiculous law passed by Congress that just doesnít make sense or seems totally unnecessary? Like the law saying you canít carry more than $10,000 cash or you can be arrested? Or the law saying the military has the right to test biological weapons on you without your knowledge? And my favorite is the law saying you can go to jail if you donít have rain drains on the roof of your house! All of these laws actually exist. The public should have the right to protest a law. We should be able to repeal a law by casting a certain number of votes. In the past few years, Congress has overstepped their boundaries in many ways and infringed on our freedoms. We need a way to say, ďNo, we donít approve and do not accept this as law.Ē

In The Winters Plan, I present my ideas on how to change congress so it's more efficient and better able to deal with the problems of the day. I also have a new system for electing officials and eliminating political parties.

Thanks for listening,

Randolph Winters


 The Winters Plan 


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