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The Violent Media!


Nothing is more important than the minds of our citizens. With the great advancements in technology and social knowledge in our country, you would think Americans would be happy, content, stress-free individuals enjoying life to its fullest. But unfortunately this is not the case. The huge push for capitalism promoted by the shadow government, has thrown us into a fast-paced, complex world, leaving many Americans in a very fragile emotional state of mind. The unseen pressure of corporate inhumanity, government indifference, and force of law is throwing us out of spiritual balance.

Our minds are continually being bombarded with media brain washing and negative thoughts we must defend ourselves from. For instance, right now we are taught how the only way to get the material goods, the recognition, and success in life, is through money. All day long our media talks of nothing but the stock market, or money management, how to get more credit, and how to make more money. The continual theme is, nothing can be had without money, itís the means and goal of your life. Our young are raised to think of nothing else.

Many of our television programs send the message, ďSolve your problems in life with money and violence.Ē The commercials say you wonít be cool and have a good sex life if you donít wear their clothes or use their products. Many of our religious leaders put so much fear in our minds, itís hard to sleep at night.

And how about the government, perhaps the most violent role model there is. government continually solves its problems with violence. We bomb countries and kill innocent citizens to solve political disputes. We step up police brutality to stem the tide of social misconduct. Our jails and prisons are bastions of brutal behavior and cruelty.  Perhaps we need gun control for the government. 

In The Winters Plan, I present my ideas on how to fix the justice system and change the way we deal with crime and punishment. I have some thoughts on NATO and world peace that will calm the world down and make it safer for all of us.

Thanks for listening,

Randolph Winters


 The Winters Plan 


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