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End 3rd World Hunger!


Most of the world is hungry because of the economic system. Their governments either don't understand how to create a decent economy, or they are thieves who just steel from the people and fill their own pockets.

In either case most of the suffering in the world can be eliminated by introducing a new concept in economics I call Domestic Project Economics. This is where government expenditures for public use are created based on percentages of the Gross Domestic Product. 

Manu third-world countries suffer from starvation, poor health, and education. So our main priority for the next few years is to escalate the quality of life for people the world over by improving these conditions so they can take care of themselves. To do this, I want every country to change their money system to “Domestic Product” economics so they can get out of debt and take care of their citizens. For a while they are allowed to create a larger percentage of their GDP for Education, Health, and Disaster based on what their Legislators say is needed to end poverty, disease, and ignorance in their country. Once world education and health are no longer an emergency issue, expenditures will be tied to a spending cap to be recognized by all countries.

All expenditures for America, and other countries using Domestic Product economics, will be tied to their GDP and monitored by a World Banking Commission to keep things in line. This prevents money from being created in excessive amounts or for nonpublic interests. The idea is to use money to create a high quality of life for all people, not as a device to make a small percentage of the population rich. 

For poor countries, this means they can also create money for new jobs, build industry, and raise their standard of living. They can also provide money for citizens to start small businesses so they can take care of themselves. This of course leads to personal accomplishment, self-respect, and a feeling of self-worth. Instead of protests and riots against greedy governments, we will have people lining up to get educated and start new careers. Economics and government will work for people and create a feeling of community the way it should.

In The Winters Plan, I present my ideas on how start a new world money system that eliminates most of the rich and puts the money back into the hands of the people. It will start a trend of thinking that money is not everything, and that people are more important than the pursuit of power and greed.

Thanks for listening,

Randolph Winters


 The Winters Plan 


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