Earth 2150

The End of Poverty

Living in harmony with nature

People before Money

Changes for the IRS

Free Tibet

Population control

Free trade

Mandatory voting

End 3rd world hunger

The Violent media

Hemp farming

The new Americas


The Winters Plan

A New Vision for America

From Randolph Winters, the author of The Pleiadian Mission, comes a new book with fresh new ideas on how Americans can take charge of the country and get our government on track to solve the problems for the new millennium. It starts with a wonderfully creative ride into the future of Earth in the year 2150 to see the mind expanding possibilities for man once we turn away from the pitfalls of greed and capitalism and base our society on the development of the individual. Your tour guides are called Lumas. Buildings are made of Elskin, and wait until you spend some time in a DocBox.

 After this stimulating ride through a human paradise, Mr. Winters sets his focus on the office of President, and offers some fresh new ideas on how we can make all of this happen, including;

How to change the money system and create our own debt-free currency.
A new form of economics based on the Gross Domestic Product.
A new political system without parties.
Modernize Congress, and build them a new facility so it's more efficient.
Elect our representatives through a new non-partisan primary system.
The end of capitalism and Corporate America.
How to fix the education and health system.
And how to create the kind of future we all want through the Wisdom of Education, and not the Force of Legislation.

It all ends with a Constitution for the People of Earth that makes peace on Earth seem like a real possibility.


 The Winters Plan 


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